Why Your Business Needs A Web Design Agency

Do you have a business that either doesn’t have an online presence or that only has an outdated website that hasn’t had much use? Perhaps you are thinking about starting a new company and are considering whether or not you need to hire a web design agency to help launch the business. No matter where you are in planning your company, you definitely need to have a top of the line website for people to find.

Many folks think that they can put off creating a website, social media accounts and related forms of digital branding and marketing. Some believe they should invest elsewhere when the company is new, while others think that their business doesn’t need an online presence because it serves the local community. These and other erroneous beliefs can damage your business in numerous ways.

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The reality is that your brand reputation is being developed, and you need to take an active role in molding the presentation of the company to the world. You want other businesses and customers to believe in you and your commitment to the products and services that you have to offer. Creating a strong website is the first step in establishing a brand you can be proud of. The foundation for the rest of your efforts, your website should be attractive and user-friendly.

Some people also attempt to cut corners by handling web design on their own or having their tech support handle it. However, both of these options are filled with problems. The reality is that you want a high-quality website, not something that looks like you used a template and fifteen minutes of your time putting together. If a visitor gets the impression that your website is cheap, their mind will equate that to lesser quality overall.

You see, a web design agency handles just that, website design. Just as you have your areas of expertise, web design and related digital concerns are theirs. These men and women have dedicated themselves to providing attractive websites for their customers with easy to navigate pages.

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Color is an important factor that your web designer will likely bring up. Although you might have your heart set on a particular color scheme, you should give serious weight to the designer input. Choosing the wrong colors, intensity levels or combinations can create a visual nightmare that will send visitors scurrying to hit the back button.

Basic color psychology can be used to figure out which colors are going to properly influence site visitors. When you are talking to the agency, make sure that you are able to give them an accurate picture of the image you want the company to have. In addition to your mission statement, you might want to show them examples, samples or other indicators of your intentions. This can help them to best advise you on color choices.

However, it is not just the colors that matter when designing a website. The fonts you choose, along with their size, can impact visitor experience as well. This includes everything from your logo to the drop-down menu and FAQ link. In addition to having an aesthetically pleasing appearance, the fonts you choose should be large enough and with enough contrast from the background color that they are clearly visible.

In addition to the colors and fonts, your web design agency will ensure that your site is put together in an easy to navigate setup that will help visitors find everything that they want. This is one of the things that is virtually impossible for people to tackle on their own. The experts who work in the web design industry know all of the best, and worst, layouts. Not only that, they know the ideal ways to tweak the system to maximize the value of each page to the business and their customers.

If you want your company to succeed, it is vital that you establish a professional online presence, beginning with a high-quality website. Rather than struggle with the intricacies of expert web design strategies, hire an expert to do it for you. Just as you hire an accountant to handle your taxes, you need a professional web designer to ensure your website stands out.

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5 Things Your Web Design Strategy Should Focus On In 2018

Do you spend a considerable amount of time checking out the websites of your competitors? This is a good practice as you get to learn what works for them and apply them on your own site. You have probably noticed that most of their websites do not only look beautiful, but they also function flawlessly. If you cannot say the same for your website, then you better make some changes immediately. The competition is getting stiffer each year, and you wouldn’t want to find yourself lagging even further behind your competitors.

It’s always a good starting point to remember that web design doesn’t merely involve making your website as beautiful as possible. What use is a gorgeous website if nobody ever sees it? Or even if you do get a decent number of online visitors, how beneficial is your website if it fails to turn these visitors into real customers?

Whether you plan on formulating a website design strategy yourself or hiring a specialist to do it for you, be sure to consider the following five important factors.

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1) Find your target audience

It’s already 2018, and if you’re still unsure where to find your target audience online, then you definitely have your hands full. Any business will benefit immensely by figuring out where their prospective customers spend most of their time on the web. This entails some split testing. Take a look at the current traffic flow of your site and determine how visitors stumbled upon your site.

Knowing where your visitors come from plays an important role in coming up with a design strategy for your site, one that caters to their unique needs. Remember that online users have very short attention spans, so expect them to hit the back button if they find your site uninteresting.

2) Keep things simple

Many webmasters make the mistake of adding all the bells and whistles to their site. You don’t want to mess up your website by using a ton of different web design elements. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that the prevailing trend over the past few years is minimalism. Just take a look at the most popular websites and you’ll see that their websites look elegantly simple.

Of course, you’d need to pay attention to the aesthetics of your website. However, you should never compromise the functionality of your site just to add more elements to it. Inevitably, your site slows down, which gives visitors another reason to leave your website.

3) Use responsive design

It’s safe to assume that most of your potential customers use their smartphones on a daily basis. This fact alone should compel you to use responsive design. This simply means creating a website that’s optimized for all kinds of devices. You probably know how annoying it is to use a website that’s only optimized for desktop computers on your smartphone. Reading the text strains the eyes and clicking the buttons prove next to impossible.

The good news is that implementing responsive design has never been easier. Most content management systems such as WordPress allow you to install mobile-friendly themes. You don’t even have to learn any codes just to cater to the needs of your mobile visitors.

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4) Create high-quality content

How many times have you heard that content is king? More times than you’d want, probably. But there’s a good reason why this still rings true to this day. Excellent content is what makes people stay on your site. It can make or break your entire marketing campaign. This is precisely the reason why your strategy should include a solid content marketing plan that integrates seamlessly with the overall design of your website.

5) Avoid going too cheap

You can build a website from scratch in a matter of minutes. And if you use a content management system, installing a free theme only requires a couple of clicks. But your job doesn’t stop here. If you truly want to make your website stand out, it pays to consider hiring a professional or at least invest in a premium theme which you can customize.

Someone who specializes in web design can offer different suggestions on how to make your website look and function better. There may be several elements on your site that can be removed without affecting its functionality. Remember that you get what you pay for, and it’s ultimately on you if you’d want to go cheap or hire a specialist.

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